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About Us and Our Process

At the preliminary meeting, we will discuss your needs and plans. We will take notes, measurements, and photos of area to be renovated. We will discuss a general budget, time frame and any other details. At this time, you will receive our package that will contain;

  • Our Process

  • Expectations of Client

  • Client Material Form

  • Design and Extras Form

  • Closing Form

After preliminary meeting a detailed estimate will be put together and sent to you generally within a week. It will be accompanied with our contract, payment schedule and material allowances.

If all is acceptable, then a meeting is set to sign the contract. A deposit payable to Up Front Renovations Inc. will be due. The start date will be discussed and agreed upon.

Pre-start date, we will do a walk-through of the renovation area and prepare our crew for the project start date. 

Start date the renovation area will be prepped, and the renovation begins. Payment schedule commences. 

Throughout the renovation, we will maintain open communication for any questions, concerns or discussions. 

When the renovation is complete, we will perform a walk through with you.  The Closing Form will be utilized, and all touch ups scheduled to be completed. Once completed, the Closing Form will be signed by both parties and this activates the one-year warranty of workmanship for the project.  A receipt will be emailed to you when final payment has been received.

living room renovation

Why We're Great >

Marlon Galea owner of Up Front Renovations Inc and UFR Commercial

 We are up front throughout the renovation phase of all our projects. Our clients trust me to guide them with my experience and knowledge and are confident that all will be done to their satisfaction,

Marlon Galea

Zoe Galea

Why We're Great >

As the Customer Care and Marketing Manager, my top priority is to let everyone know that we are experienced, reliable and we love what we do. 

Zoe Galea - Social Media and Office Manager of Up Front Renovations Inc and UFR Commercial Building Maintenance Services
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